ISSF抗議PNA鰹鮪圍網漁業通過MSC認證程序不公國際水產永續基金會(ISSF)對於海洋管理委員會(MSC)通過PNA申請中澎湖民宿西太平洋鰹鮪圍網漁業認證案,強烈質疑MSC認證評估程序亂無章法、評分不公等重大瑕疵。預料PNA、MSC及ISSF三方辦公室出租會於9月6-7日在帛琉召開的太平洋鮪魚論壇中針對該議題展開激辯。(摘譯自INFOFISH Trade News, No. 15/2011,室內設計16 August 2011) PNA-MSC/ISSF: The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has raised 房屋二胎objection to the PNA’s attempt in getting the Western and Central Pacific purse seine skipjack 關鍵字廣告fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). ISSF says “tthe objection finds that MCS 網路行銷certification assessment on this fisheries contains serious procedural irregularities and errors along 房屋二胎with arbitrary and unreasonable scoring”. At the forthcoming PACIFIC TUNA FORUM scheduled to be held 景觀設計in Palau from 6-7 September, the issues will be debated by all three groups – the PNA, MSC and ISSF.

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